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Name: Gianna
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: Florida


Bands: A Static Lullaby, Flogging Molly, Atreyu, Smile Empty Soul, From Autumn To Ashes, Billy Talent, Lostprophets
Movies: Pitch Black, Chronicals Of Riddick, Kill Bill, The Day After Tomarrow, Identity
Television shows: King Of Queens, CSI

About You

Loves: boys who wont break your heart, sun showers, the stars, being in love, a first kiss with someone special
Hates: boys who break your heart, stupid people, annoying people, how things that have been around forever become fucking trends
Interests: Music, Art, Cooking, Interior Design
Hobbies: Bowling, drawing, cooking
Pets: 2 cats (Boots and Casey) 2 birds (Roxy and Wilson) 2 fish (names unknown)
What pisses you off?: how things that have been around forever become fucking trends, and when people jump to conculsions, and when people talk shit about other people behinds thier backs

Why should we accept you at x_death_rock__x: This community seem cool, and I think I fit in
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Local girl! Pretty eyes!
Thank you :)
Good job, but you didn't have dashboard in your bands. (i only say this because of your cut)

Yeah.. They arent really one of my top favorites. I like thos lyrics, thats why I used it
It's all good.