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Name: Elaine
Age: 14
Gender: female
Location: Orlando, Florida


Bands: a lot, pretty much anything that's not playing on the radio. Except the oldies, gotta love those good time oldies.
Movies: seven, grind,
Television shows: anything on cartoon network, the Simpson, CSI, and degrassi!!
Food: all food is good. Mainly junk food or something that doesn't take long to make, i.e., hot dogs, mac and cheese and what not.
Drink: dr pepper, and milk

About You

Loves: hanging out with friends, laughing, having fun, and being silly
Hates: poseurs, fake people, stupid people, ignorance.
Interests: having fun, chilling with friends, and I'm trying to skate but its not working out too well...haha
Hobbies: same as my interests
Pets: to black cats, i never named them, lol i just call them cat, other cat, slick or fluffy. haha
What pisses you off?: same thing as my hates
Why should we accept you at x_death_rock__x: I dunno Ryan asked me to join.

How do you feel about
Rating communities?: i don't care
War?: it sucks but some times its necessary
Drugs?: if you do them, then that's your own business
Abortion?: pro choice
Religion?: waste of time

me and lizeth
on the right

me and natalie
again on the right

me and natalie in andys car
and once again, im on the right

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